Current class trips, camps and sporting events. 

Tauranga Primary Schools Music Festival 2024


NOTE: This is only for students in the Pahoia School Choir, which will be performing at Baycourt Theatre on Monday 26th August (Term 3, Week 6). 

Please give your child permission to attend each of the following choir rehearsals and indicate whether you can provide transport to and from this event.

Term 2, Week 5, Tuesday 28 May - Matua Primary School (leaving school 8:30am - returning 11:30am)

Term 3, Week 3, Tuesday 6 August - Matua Primary School (leaving school 8:30am - returning 11:30am)

Term 3, Week 6, Monday 26 August - Baycourt Theatre (leaving school 8:30am - returning 2:30pm)

Children aged 7 years and under are required to have an approved booster seat when traveling by car in accordance with NZ law.   International best practice recommends the use of an appropriate child restraint (or booster seat) until your child reaches 148 cm tall or is 11 years old.  Please supply a booster seat if your child requires one.

Tackle 5s Qualifier Tournament


Tackle 5’s Qualifier Tournaments

Wednesday 12th June 

Tournament Outline


Some basic rules 

Venue: Moore Park, Katikati

Grades:  Years 5&6 Boys

              Years 5&6 Girls

Cost: $10.00 per  7 player minimum 

x1 Coach per team needed

Year 5/6 Basketball World Cup


Date: Thursday 20th June 2024 Yr 5 & 6

Venue: Trustpower Arena (Mt Maunganui)

Time: 8.30am – 3:30pm

(Doors open from 8am –Games start at 8.30am)

Cost: $25 per child

The children doing this can not travel to school or home on the school bus.

Al will be leading the team. Practice is Wednesday 8am at school. The team will need a manager, score person and supervision for the whole day. And as always enough transport.