Current class trips, camps and sporting events. 

Year 5 & 6 Tui Ridge Camp 2024 Non-refundable deposit

Monday 12 - Wednesday 14 February 2024 (Week 3)

Please give permission and pay this deposit by Monday 1 December 2023 (Week 8)


There will be a bus, but we still need parents to transport some children and help supervise for the full 3 days. Please indicate if you are available (must be able to transport 4 or more children including your own). Once we have the above information, we will contact parents to let them know whether their help is required.

Rippa Rugby Year 1 to 6 Term 1

Location: Western Ave Sport Grounds, Omokoroa

Dates: Monday 19th February  kick off to Monday 25th March final

Cost: $15 per child

First round will kick off at 4pm onwards

Emails will be sent out weekly with time, field location and vs.

There will be no late entries so make sure that you register and pay for your child before the closing day.

Registrations close on Friday 9th February

We need a coach per team. NO COACH, NO TEAM. Coaches are supplied with rules and the gear for practice year 1-2 coaches are on the field to help them years 3-6 are on sideline only


Rippa Rugby is rugby without the tackle, instead you rip a tag. This local competition is run by BOP Rugby Union. Any age children are welcome to give this a go, although 5 & 6 year olds take a while to understand the game. 

Games are 25 minutes no halftime, younger children playing first.

Year 1-2 teams are mixed with 5 a side and a maximin of 8 players per team.

Year 3-4 teams are 5 a side and a maximin of 8 players per team.

Year 5-6 teams are 7 a side with a maximin of 12 players per team.

Year 3-6 are mixed however as of term 1 2023 a girl only and a boy only team can be had as long as there are enough players to do so