Homework Guidelines 

Year 0 - 3  Kaimai and Waipapa Pods

The focus of home learning in these early years is to support literacy and numeracy.

Reading -  Should be happening every night and will consist of at least 2 different readers per week

Basic spelling words and number facts can also be worked on four evenings a week. Regular, small amounts usually work better than less frequent, longer sessions.

Other important skills to be developed include: talking and sharing, practising motor skills like throwing, catching and skipping, and time for imaginative play both independently and with others.

Year 3 - 5  Aongatete Pod and Year 5 - 6 Tuhua Pod

Reading – 10 - 15 minutes each school night (school book or a book of choice)

Spelling/ Word Study –  5 minutes provided work each school night 

Basic Facts – 5 minutes provided work each school night

Children are expected to initiate their own homework and try to do some independently, however, we understand that at some levels, parent support might be necessary. Please try to encourage your children to become independent and try to promote self-responsibility in their homework habits!

Here are some ways parents can help with home learning:

Let your child have a bit of time to unwind after school

Discuss how long the home learning will take

Give them a snack and drink before they start

Choose a space that is comfortable and reasonably quiet – some children work better with music or background noise, but turn off the TV

Get them to check they have everything they need before starting

Show an interest in their work

Offer support and guidance when needed

Feel free to mark any spelling and basic facts work before it comes back to school