Pahoia School encourages students to show an understanding of and empathy with others. We recognise the unique place of Maoriculture within New Zealand society and all cultures represented in the school and wider community. The school’s plans and policies are implemented in ways that are sensitive to the cultural backgrounds and values of students and their families.

How our school will reflect New Ze aland’s cultural diversity

As a school we recognise and celebrate the range of cultures and diversity that we have in our own community. Will look to celebrate this by providing students with opportunities to share and understand their own cultural heritage and explore the diversity of other cultures. We also acknowledge that as a school we do have a limited mix of cultures within our cohort. Therefore we are also deliberate in looking for opportunities to expose our students to the bi-cultural country and multi-cultural society that we live in.

How our school will reflect the unique position of the Maori culture

The Treaty of Waitangi and the values it underpins are foundational to New Zealand society. We appreciate the importance of these values being embedded into our school. This will be achieved through Te Reo and Tikanga being integrated into classroom and whole school activities. We look for children to display a positive attitude towards Maori culture, language and protocols, and to recongise them as fundamental to our New Zealand identity.

Te Reo and Tikanga will be integrated into the school by:

1. Deliberate learning plan for Te Reo and Tikanga Maori across the school.

2. Participating in Maori art and craft through integrated studies or as stand alone units.

3. Engaging with local Maori history and legends.

4. Considering Maori cultures and customs during school events, meetings, special occasions.

5. Having a physical environment that reflects Maori culture and language.

Higher levels of Te Reo or Tikanga Maori

No specific Te Reo programme is currently available. Should a parent, however, request instruction in Te Reo Maori, the school will pursue local alternatives and support parents in their various options.